Policy Framework:
National Action Plan

In this section, you will learn more about how Thailand and other countries worldwide are preparing and proactively countering violence on a national scale. Dive deeper to learn about different policies in each country and how they are able to uniquely prevent violence that could lead to extremism.
Federal Government Strategy to Prevent Extremism and Promote Democracy
Germany’s prevention of extremism strategy covers measures to prevent and combat a rejection of the system of values of the Basic Law and the democratic constitutional state and also, in this context, to safeguard the security of citizens. Preventive measures are targeted at people or groups at risk, their environment and their networks and also, if necessary, at potential perpetrators in order to prevent the consolidation of problematic thought patterns and to break the transition from thoughts to (violent) action. Prevention also includes measures to counter any reappearance of manifest phenomena and to hinder the repetition of violent actions and other criminal activities.