Policy Framework:
National Action Plan

In this section, you will learn more about how Thailand and other countries worldwide are preparing and proactively countering violence on a national scale. Dive deeper to learn about different policies in each country and how they are able to uniquely prevent violence that could lead to extremism.
The National Counter Extremism Policy Guidelines January 2018
The National Counter Extremism Policy Guidelines (NCEPG) depict the resolve of the Pakistani state and nation towards consolidation of peace achieved through sacrifices rendered by our armed forces, law enforcement agencies and most significantly the citizens of the country. While youth, women and marginalized segments of our society stay at the heart of the NCEPG, The inclusion of society and connections established between State and society are the end objectives. Globalization and urbanization are not without challenges. State and society have to work together to safeguard the minds and hearts of its citizens. Freedom, plurality and peaceful co-existence are the messages and ultimate goals to be achieved through this framework.