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Our resource library contains numerous verified studies and research papers from our partners worldwide. Here, you will be able to access valuable information regarding different facets of violence in society, not limited to just Thailand, along with proper practice guidelines and policy frameworks in countering violence. This is the first frontier to know more and be aware of how to efficiently prevent violence.
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To prevent violent extremism, good intentions are not enough. This paper is intended to raise the discussion about the need for a conflict-sensitive approach to PVE. It highlights the importance of ...

The Young Content Creator Training Under the Theme "Embracing Diversity"
Sometimes a lack of understanding around diversity and differences can cause conflicts, stereotypes and stigmas that stand in the way of social cohesion. But it is also clear that operating in the wor...

Analysis of Inter-Faith Intolerance in Thai Society through Online Speech
The differences between Buddhist and Muslims in understanding are spreading throughout online and offline space. There is evidence of an increase in extremist ideas and a decrease in religious toleran...