Human Security Training and Dialogue Phase I

By UNDP in Thailand
9 December 2022

In March-May 2022, the United Nations Development Progamme (UNDP) in Thailand join hands with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to bring the Human Security Approach Training and Dialogue to the North, Northeast, South, and Central of Thailand, to over 170 participants! We introduced the Human Security approach to the participants representing government and civil society across the country in connection to their local societal challenges and how human security awareness can be used to prevent local violence.  



The seven dimensions of human security need to be secure in order to prevent violence from happening. 


Participants from each region shared their thoughts and experience on security. For example, in the Northeast region, environmental security had been stated as one of the main human security challenges. Having a secure environment could lead to securing economic security, food security, and other dimensions. Throughout the training, the challenges of human security were shared and discussed among the participants in which they joined hands to identify the root cause and aim for solutions. This helps create awareness and more understanding of the human security approach for our participants to continue their work in preventing and mitigating violence in the communities. By the end of the dialogues in 4 regions, more than 90% of our participants considered the Human Security approach useful and applicable. 



Violence can happen anywhere and at any moment. It could happen as close as within our family. The human security approach emphasizes not only the community security aspect but also individual security as well. By reflecting on the various roles we play within our society and understanding the societal challenges from a bottom-up approach, it is clear why the 7 dimensions of human security need to be secure in order to prevent violence.   




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UNDP in Thailand
United Nations Development Programme
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